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Vasilenko Alexandr
Digital marketing manager
My name is Alexander Vasilenko, digital marketing manager with 12 years of experience in advertising and Internet promotion in real estate, furniture, interior design, construction, etc. I am engaged in the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses as a digital marketer with a professional team of directologists, targetologists, smm specialists, designers and programmers.

I believe that only full immersion in the project contributes to the construction of an effective marketing promotion strategy. I make marketing omnichannel, manageable and transparent.

I specialize in complex performance marketing, the key goal of which is to achieve a measurable result expressed in sales and profit. I use a mix of digital tools, analyze, make decisions based solely on numbers.
Digital marketing services
I make Digital marketing more effective for business, supplement or completely replace the staff of the marketing department
I will develop a marketing strategy for promoting a product or service with a horizon of 3, 6, 12 months
I will conduct a marketing audit, a competitive analysis, and draw up a portrait of the target audience
Media planning
I will prepare a media plan with forecasts of efficiency through marketing channels, I will protect the budget
Websites and landing pages
I will develop a corporate website, a high-conversion landing page or a marketing quiz
I will launch a mix of digital channels, set up advertising campaigns, prepare creatives and ads
Lead generation
I will bring new customers and create a "sales funnel"
I will analyze the launched advertising campaigns, prepare proposals for optimization or scaling
Reputation and recognition
I will make the brand more recognizable, I will work on "positioning", I will carry out work on reputation management
End-to-end analytics
I will set up end-to-end analytics, enable call tracking, optimize advertising costs
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Optimum Studio effective marketing agency has been specializing in the comprehensive promotion of small and medium-sized businesses since 2009, providing a full range of Digital marketing services from strategy development and creating a strong brand to ensuring the flow of leads and building sales.

We will develop a marketing system of interconnected digital tools that will work effectively at all stages of the funnel - from the first touch with the customer to repeat sales, digitize the results, implement a strategy to achieve key indicators and scale the business. An integrated approach to business promotion implies a systematic view of tasks and business processes, as well as an in-depth analysis of solutions.

We work at all stages of the sales funnel - from building a communication strategy to Performance marketing and repeat sales. We professionally set up and conduct contextual and targeted advertising. We optimize websites and promote them in the TOP search engine results. Setting up web analytics. We make convenient reports and dashboards. We set and achieve KPIs for applications, sales or ROI. We help businesses use their marketing budget as transparently and efficiently as possible.
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