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Real Estate Marketing – Real Estate agency promotion tools and methods

Buying a property is one of the biggest acquisitions in the life of most people. The real estate transaction cycle is a long process that depends on many factors, including personal goals and interests, as well as socio-economic factors. Therefore, when developing a marketing strategy for a real estate agency, it is important to pay attention not only to the generation of leads, but also to the formation of a positive image and trust of the company's brand.

According to a Yandex survey, 30% of respondents at the transaction stage are ready to buy a house completely online, without visiting the developer's office or a real estate object. The more time before check-in, the higher the willingness to buy an apartment via the Internet. The role of digital channels in real estate is growing every year. Thus, the costs of Internet marketing in real estate agencies already account for up to 85% of the marketing budget. Let's look at the main digital tools and marketing mechanics that are most in demand in the real estate sector.

Marketing channels of real estate agency promotion

  • Aggregators

Traditionally, in the real estate sector, the leading source of clients are databases – aggregators of real estate objects, such as CIAN, Avito, Yandex Real Estate and others. Using aggregators, real estate agencies can offer their services, receive calls from buyers and communicate with owners who sell objects independently. Databases also help realtors search for real estate for clients, as well as find new clients. A realtor can effectively manage the database of objects using reports, tools for working with the agency, analytics.

  • Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the main sources of attracting traffic to the site and a lead generation channel. Real estate agencies are more likely to place advertisements on Yandex and Google search in the upper blocks of special placement than in guaranteed impressions at the end of the search page. This is due to the fact that for the majority of commercial queries, it is the real estate aggregator sites that dominate in organic issuance. It often happens that the real estate agencies use to display ads on the branded search queries, location requests, and competitive demands, and in the advertising network Facebook and the Google display network of Google remarketing/retargeting and look-a-like audience.

  • Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is a mandatory tool in the arsenal of any real estate marketer. With the help of comprehensive advertising campaigns in social networks, brand awareness can be increased, and the issue of lead generation is successfully solved by the placement strategy through built-in application forms with pre-filled user data.

  • Quiz marketing

The format of quiz landing pages, which is the most popular performance mechanics in real estate marketing, is also quite effective. To engage the user in a dialogue, he is shown an advertisement in the format of a mini-test – for example, “Answer a few questions and get a selection of an apartment according to your parameters” or “We will select new buildings in just 5 clicks”. After answering all the questions, the user can receive a discount, a personal offer or a selection of real estate objects in exchange for their contact details for feedback. The mechanics are as simple as possible, but effective!

  • CPA Networks

CPA networks serve as an additional marketing source for attracting potential customers. As part of working with such pay-per-call services in the real estate sector, agencies can place offers for services with secondary real estate and for the purchase of apartments in new buildings. One of the advantages of this type of placement is that you can independently set the optimal offer for performing a target action (a call from 1 minute, a unique number, “in the budget”, etc.) – such as the cost for a target call, the types of advertising used, as well as a limit on the number of conversions. The advantages of CPA networks are: payment only for a completed target action according to a prescribed script (a call from 1 minute, interest in buying, a unique customer number, etc.), the possibility of independent pricing – in the offer we set the price for the target action ourselves, as well as the possibility of independently choosing a channel for attracting traffic.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing plays an important role in the chain of "squeeze", customer return and lead generation in a real estate agency. So, it is important on a regular basis 2-3 times a week to send email newsletters to the subscriber base with a digest of real estate news, current promotions and special offers, an interesting selection of real estate objects, as well as analytical reports and interviews with industry experts. E-mail newsletters can be carried out using the services UniSender, SendPulse, MailChimp or GetResponse, which offer extensive opportunities for analytics, trigger chain development and integration with other marketing services. So, after each mailing, you can analyze the percentage of sent and delivered letters, how many people opened and read the letter, as well as how many made the transition. In addition, it is possible to view the click map directly in the e-mail itself and see who clicked how many times and where. Thanks to the advanced integration, the base of your mailing subscribers can be segmented and replenished, for example, when a user leaves his account in the order form through marketing quizzes, social media lead forms and subscription forms posted on the official website of the real estate agency and landing pages.

  • SMS mailing lists

SMS-mailings are also an important element in the construction of the marketing strategy of “dozhima". So, the CRM system of the real estate agency can be integrated with the SMS mailing service, within which the following scenario would be carried out: all calls received by the sales department are entered into the CRM system, when communicating with the client, the broker at the end of the consultation asks the client to send an SMS business card with contact details, phone and website - with consent an SMS message is sent, and the contact automatically enters the contact database for subsequent distribution with certain parameters for segmentation (object of interest / service / budget, etc.). In the future, for example, if a client was interested in a certain residential complex, and at the moment an action or special offer is being held in this residential complex, then a database of phones is formed and an SMS newsletter is sent with the sender's name (the registered name of the sender of the company, unlike the anonymous sender's number, increases the number of conversions by 50%).

  • Web-push

On the official website of the real estate agency, as well as on the landing pages, you can install browser-based push notifications, the purpose of which is to inform potential customers about news, promotions, special offers and other important events. So, you can set up segmented lists – for those customers who were interested in a certain service of the company, visited the landing page of a residential complex or other. Depending on the list, the user receives the web–push notification that is most likely relevant to his needs.