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Content marketing and Product marketing - what is the difference?

What is the relationship between content marketing and product marketing? Let's look at the similarities and differences between them, and also give some tips on the effective use of each of them in the framework of business promotion.

The relationship between content marketing and product marketing

Content marketing and product marketing have a common goal - creating value for the consumer. However, if content marketing focuses specifically on providing content to potential customers, then product marketing focuses on providing customers with something tangible that will encourage them to buy. Both strategies these strategies complement each other, and their synergy ensures that you will definitely achieve high results.

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content in order to increase audience loyalty and attract new customers. Product marketing is the process of creating and distributing content that promotes a particular product or service.

Product marketing involves building a communication strategy and positioning that are necessary to launch a product. Content marketing uses useful and relevant content to attract an audience.

The value of a product or service

As previously noted, content marketing and product marketing are focused on creating value for the consumer. For many, content marketing has now become almost a priority promotion strategy. A lot of time and effort is spent on writing blog posts, creating infographics and videos. However, not everyone understands who their target audience is and what content they are interested in. As a result, the results of the work can be completely nullified. Therefore, it is important to focus on identifying the needs and interests of your target audience.


We can confidently say that content marketing and product marketing are two sides of the same coin. These two strategies have both similarities and differences. One does not replace the other. Product managers work closely with content managers and related departments to adhere to a unified marketing strategy for promotion. If communication breaks down between them, the result may be inconsistent and disparate content, as a result – loss of brand loyalty.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategy in which marketers share valuable information with potential customers in various communication channels.
Most people associate content marketing with articles, infographics, social media posts, and so on. These types of content work great, but are not always effective ways when you want to sell something to your audience. For example, writing an article about the launch of a new service of your company will not interest anyone in buying these projects. Instead, consider using content marketing to promote certain products instead of a general promotional offer. This is based on the concept of value for your audience. If you write a useful and informative blog post about the benefits or functionality of your product, then you have provided the audience with something valuable and really important. In turn, they will be interested in buying your product.

Product Marketing

Product marketing is a multifunctional process of launching a new product into a single system:
  • The product solves an understandable problem of the market, so the market needs to be told about the solution and make money on it;
  • Marketing understands who, how and where to tell about the product (positioning, communication strategy, storytelling, etc.);
  • Sales understand to whom, how and what they sell, and they have all the tools for this;
  • The client service is ready to support the client in any matter, and for this it has all the tools.