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Comprehensive promotion in the concept of "inhouse outsourcing" with setting goals using SMART technology from experts in Internet marketing since 2009
About agency
Since 2009, the Optimum Studio Digital marketing agency has been specializing in the integrated development and implementation of a digital promotion strategy for small and medium-sized businesses, providing a full package of marketing services from creating websites and launching advertising campaigns to implementing an end-to-end analytics system and building a sales department management system.

Deep expertise in Digital marketing allows us to meet the needs of a business in a full-time marketing department or organically supplement it, providing effective support for one or more advertising channels. We work on the principle of "in-house on outsourcing", completely immersing ourselves in the specifics of the business and the nuances of the industry.

Scheme of work of an Internet marketing agency

Market and competitor analysis
We analyze current business indicators, target audience, sales channels, dive into the client's business niche, study competitors and the market situation. To analyze marketing activities and the current situation in your niche, we use a methodology based on econometric data analysis. This technique allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of marketing and build a mathematical model for the effective conduct of your business on the Internet.
Strategy Development
We are developing a system of marketing activities aimed at achieving the goals of an advertising campaign: We form a technical specification for the development or refinement of an Internet resource, draw up a long-term strategy for search engine promotion, content marketing, including email marketing, select traffic channels, draw up a strategy implementation plan, calculate budgets, coordinate deadlines and work schedules, predict results.
Development of a transparent system of performance indicators
Allows you to conduct accurate analytics before sales, understand the effectiveness of each advertising channel separately, coordinate multilateral relationships with regular customers, centrally manage sales and customer-oriented marketing.
Launch of marketing tools
Experience since 2009, including with high-budget campaigns, allows us to successfully promote both large brands and modest startups. We know how to get the most out of any budget - it is important to set business goals correctly, pay attention to planning and analytics.
Scaling and optimization of campaigns
We evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, turn off ineffective ones and redistribute the budget in favor of the most converting ads, constantly optimizing the cost of received requests and calls.
Providing reports
Strictly at the agreed time, you will receive a performance report, which will include: analysis of sales and profits, analysis of advertising costs, assessment of the quality of promotion and work with customers. We control the expenditure of the advertising budget, make constant changes to advertising, carry out regular work aimed at increasing the CTR and advertising performance.

Comprehensive promotion from the Digital marketing agency

We implement the entire cycle of marketing development - from preparing a strategy, creating a website and landing pages to launching advertising campaigns and building sales department management systems!
Vasilenko Alexandr
Since 2009 I have been engaged in marketing and promotion of various types of business. I believe that only full immersion in the project contributes to the construction of a working marketing strategy for promotion.

Tell us about your goals and vision of the format of the work, and I, in turn, will share an expert opinion based on practical experience.

I will make marketing omnichannel, manageable, systematic and transparent. Delegate marketing and do business!
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Project portfolio
Since 2009, we have been increasing our expertise in Digital marketing and advertising projects in various business areas

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We will take care of the creative and technical components of your marketing so that you can focus on managing your business to the fullest. Leave a request and get a marketing solution to promote your company!

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