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Comprehensive Digital marketing for business promotion

We create a stable flow of customers, develop and implement a marketing strategy, use effective digital tools, measure KPI
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To achieve maximum results of business promotion in the network, it is necessary to adhere to the Performance marketing strategy, the distinguishing feature of which is the ability to see specific quantitative indicators at each stage: from the first contact of a client to ordering a service or purchasing a product.

Digital marketing agency Optimum Studio increases sales, not the number of impressions or conversions. Our clients pay for a specific result: increased sales, optimized return on investment.

To implement Performance Marketing, our experts immerse themselves in the client's business and select the most effective online promotion channels, highlight the area of ​​business tasks and use the tools most suitable for solving them. Channel synergy allows you to quickly identify and strengthen the most effective ones and abandon the less effective and expensive ones.

Digital marketing and integrated promotion services

We will increase revenue, develop and implement turnkey business promotion strategy
Development of websites and landing pages
We create websites exclusively for the client's tasks. No template solutions. Modern design and thoughtful usability. Technical support at all stages of website development and after its launch. Order the development and promotion of a website or landing page and get additional benefits in cost and timing.
Contextual advertising
We set up and conduct advertising campaigns in search, YAN / CMS, set up analytics and KPIs, optimize budgets, focusing on business metrics: ROI, ROMI, LTV. We will deliver the advertising message to the maximum possible number of potential consumers within the allocated budget with minimal costs.
Targeted advertising
We create and conduct advertising campaigns to show the audience by interests, behavior and socio-demographic targeting on the social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and Odnoklassniki, but also exercise ongoing control over the implementation of all activities, evaluate the communicative and economic efficiency of advertising. This allows you to constantly improve marketing tools.
An integrated approach allows you to quickly bring an Internet resource to the TOP, using the most effective marketing tool in the long term. The SEO promotion service includes the development of a promotion plan, a technical audit of the site, the preparation of optimized text content, improving the usability of the resource, working with third-party resources and the reference mass.
Digital strategy development
We will develop a plan to achieve business goals, which will include specific tactical solutions, a pool of Digital marketing tools, niche analysis, competitors, and target audience. A competent strategy will allow you not to spend budgets on inefficient channels, use only promising tools to attract customers, know your competitors and surpass them, quickly achieve your goals, predict the number of leads and ROI.
End-to-end analytics
We will connect the necessary analytics systems, configure the work of goals, check the correct distribution of traffic on the site, integrate call tracking and CRM. A detailed analysis of statistics allows you to understand what needs to be done to increase the number of customers, thereby reducing the advertising budget.

Step-by-step plan for comprehensive digital marketing

We help businesses to become stronger, increase profits and develop more sustainably

Audit, marketing research and strategy
We conduct audit and marketing research on the author's checklist of 30 items - we dive into the product or service in detail, describe and segment the target audience, conduct interviews with the head and sales department. We present and defend a comprehensive promotion strategy with a description of advertising mechanics and performance forecasts in the context of all channels.
Working with a website to increase conversions
We make suggestions for technical adjustments and improvements on the site, and if necessary, we develop the site "from scratch". We carry out SEO optimization work, we work on pages and for promotion in search engines. We implement marketing services, online chats, quizzes, trigger scenarios to increase the conversion component and behavioral characteristics on the site.
Setting up end-to-end analytics for sales tracking
We are implementing a system of end-to-end analytics and digitizing the entire sales funnel - from marketing expenses to completed transactions. Custom goal and conversion in Yandex Metric and Google Ads, as well as the pixels of social networking for efficiency analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns. We integrate CRM with marketing services and a website.
Launching a mix of advertising channels
We use the synergy of marketing channels - contextual and targeted advertising, programmatic, email, Yandex Maps, etc. We attract the customer's attention on social networks, fuel interest with paid advertising and sell through dynamic remarketing. We build a consistent and conversion chain of interaction at each stage, resulting in a multiple of sales.
Analyze, scale and optimize
On a daily basis, we analyze advertising campaigns, evaluate the interaction of digital tools with each other and find conversion bundles. We scale effective campaigns and optimize the least successful ones. We are continuously improving the marketing system - we increase conversion, increase revenue and reduce DRR.
We achieve SMART goals and multiply sales
We achieve our business goals using SMART technology. We hold online and offline meetings with clients to discuss the results of work and develop a strategy for the next period. We bring the business to the leaders of the industry, increase sales, manage reputation and create a strong brand. We work WIN-WIN on the principle of the client earns - the agency earns!
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We help the business to become stronger, increase profits and develop sustainably!
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